I read a post recently that really resonated with me about motherhood and contentment. There’s a feeling that can come with becoming a mom that fiercely inspires you to build a beautiful life for your family. And so the to do lists and visions begin. Beautiful home, a mindful parenting approach, true happiness and health, a relationship that shows your child an example of true love, stocked fridge of organic food, a Pinterest style playroom. And while all these things are great to aspire to have, you become dangerously close to the slippery slope of discontentment.

If I compared what I envisioned for myself when I was expecting, to what my life actually looks like right now as a single mom with my one and a half year old, back then I’d be in tears. In some ways I’m the same girl- filled with ideas, plans, and visions for a life that sparks joy from every corner. But what’s on my mind even more is recognizing being content and grateful in the moment as well. No matter what it looks like. Nails aren’t done, not sure where we’ll be living by this time next year, could use a wardrobe upgrade among many other things, but I’m so damn grateful and that feels amazing. If I kept thinking everything would be good “once I do this” or “once I figure this out” I’d never be happy. I think it’s easy to picture your “best self” and see her sitting in an stunning marble kitchen, being a perfect mom, hair done, doing yoga everyday. But in reality, your highest, best self is staying committed to being grateful, taking care of yourself, and showing up for yourself (and in turn, your babes) in a radically honest way every single day even if it scares you a little bit. Once I started doing that, the sense of urgency for everything else faded away. And I’m definitely pleased with what message that sends to my baby girl.

Realizing this and having this mindset has gifted me with the patience and peace that makes planning and building my life even better than before. I never would have imagined being on this path in life, let alone it being this wonderful. Gratitude is a game changer. Feeling grateful and complete in the present is the best gift you can give to yourself, especially as a mom. Your “dream life” then becomes so much more attainable when you realize in SO many ways you are already living it right now.

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