Full Moon in Aquarius

Last night, I attended a full moon meditative yoga class with a friend of mine. I hardly ever have the time to prioritize going out to classes so I was so grateful I was able to make this happen! It was such a relaxing class in a pretty setting- Kind Lab in Beverly. (Their website describes themselves as a store with “a mission to educate and advocate for cannabis, and offer solutions that meet wellness goals of being healthy, calm, energetic, sexy, and beautiful.” They sell so many amazing CBD products and have a lot of space for lovely events like the one I attended last night.)

It was so eye opening to touch upon different chakras and notice how obviously blocked some of them were. It really brought my awareness to what areas of myself I want to work on through yoga and meditation. If you’re not familiar with your chakras and how they connect to your physical body, I highly encourage either reading a little bit about it, finding a class, or even looking it up online. I’m not extremely knowledgeable about this topic but I’ll definitely share what I learn as I do more research!

If you’re like me, or any of my friends, you find the full moon comforting and intriguing. There’s just something magical about it. It was really special to incorporate the power of the full moon into the practice last night. This particular moon is in Aquarius. What I gathered from last night was that the moon in Aquarius encourages you to be your biggest, brightest self for the sake of not only you, but community in general. Speak your truth, be your highest self, and shine your light for others. I felt a huge sense of affirmation that I’m on the right path with starting up this blog again. I feel passionately that connection and making others feel less alone isn’t a minor thing- it’s everything! We are all experiencing similar things- stress, anxiety, rushing around, and dealing with the ups and downs of life. Life is short and it seems like most days the world has gone mad. If we have ways of making life lighter and easier, we should share them with one another. We should help each other adjust our glasses and the way we see the world. I really hope this blog can do that for you! Thank you so much for reading! šŸ’—

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