Light at the end of the tunnel

I took a little hiatus from blogging for a while. It wasn’t a top priority of mine. Recently I was reminded that it should be! I always write these posts from the heart about things I’m truly passionate about. Working on this blog has invited many positive and inspiring conversations into my life, and connected me with like minded individuals who I learn and grow from. So I’m back!

First, I wanted to share briefly what I’ve been going through. A few months ago, I separated from my partner who I lived with and have a young daughter with. It’s been difficult to go from working on a home and future with someone, to now going to bed twice a week without my baby girl even under the same roof than me. Describing this experience as stressful wouldn’t even scratch the surface.

I thought for a long time that going down this road would be a step backwards, but I’ve learned that removing yourself from an unhealthy situation is a step forward no matter what it looks like to others. I always thought I could endure certain things “for my daughter’s sake” as to not give her a “broken home.” This thinking has proved to be backwards too. When I thrive, so does my girl. And so a new chapter of my life begins.

The past few months of my life have been wildly transformative. I’ve gained so much insight and so many tools to help me stay committed to being my best self. I definitely have a long road of healing and growing ahead of me and I’m trying to stay open hearted and open minded. Of course, self care is so critical during this time of my life. So in true fashion of my blog, I wanted to share some wellness tips I’ve been incorporating into my life lately.

*Wellness Tips for Difficult Times*

1. Future Self Journaling is a tool available via The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram. It’s basically just a daily journal prompt. Staying committed to doing it daily has been so helpful and wonderful for me. The concept of “keeping a promise to yourself” intrigued me. She says to treat yourself like you wish a partner would treat you. (Mind blown!) Promise yourself to do the daily journaling, (it’s only about one page) keep the promise, and watch the relationship you have with yourself flourish.

2. I keep returning to the mantra, “Let go of the illusion that it could have turned out differently.” I read recently that stress is often caused by your mind trying to maintain two opposing thoughts at once. For example: This is what happened but THIS is what I wished had happened. By surrendering to the flow of things, you free your mind of that tension. There is beauty and growth to be found even when a situation turns out much different than you had imagined. Focus on finding that instead of making yourself suffer.

3. On tough days, go back to basics. Eat three clean meals. Change your bedsheets. Get a good sweat in. Drink plenty of water. Take a nice shower. Make sure to prioritize a good night of sleep.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m amazed at how much this changed my life. Embrace the support of friends, family and professionals. There is so much to learn from others.

5. Indulge in a little extra self care now and then. Get a facial. Splurge on those CBD bath salts. Maybe a second glass of red wine. Whatever makes you feel taken care of! You’ll be a better person (and mama) when you’re taken care of.

I hope you enjoyed reading! More posts coming soon!

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