I’ve mentioned before how much skincare is a therapeutic hobby of mine. I know I’m not alone! Taking the time, (whether it be five extra minutes in the morning, or the occasional extra hour before bed) to make your skincare routine a little special can go a long way. For me personally, beyond the hope of glowing skin, indulging in this kind of self-care is my way of adding a grounding ritual to my daily life. I wanted to share some of the little things you can do to elevate your morning or night beauty routine.

One of my favorites lately is using the Gua Sha tool. Gua Sha is a small stone tool, used to “scrape” or massage the skin on your face. Done properly, you can produce collagen, stimulate blood flow, prevent wrinkles and promote lymphatic drainage. It instantly makes my skin look plumper and more lively. A lot of people hold tension in their face. Similar to how you would get a back massage to relieve tension, you can use this tool to relieve tension in your face. It’s amazing! I got a cheaper one, made of jade, on Amazon just to see how I liked it. However, you can buy nicer ones, designed a little more thoughtfully and elegantly, via Instagram with a little research! There are a ton of pages that offer great tips on how to use them as well. (DM me and I can help if you’re interested!)

Dry brushing is another great way to elevate your routine. It only takes a few minutes before you jump in the shower, and it helps with exfoliation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and circulation. I think it feels amazing. I’m hooked on doing it every time before I shower.

I recently started doing my nightly skin routine over an hour before I go to bed. This helps because it gives your skin time to absorb all the nutrients from your products as opposed to some of them sinking into your pillowcase.

Get creative with mixing face masks. You can add a little manuka honey, or a few drops of your favorite serum. This has been working wonderfully for me! And it also makes my masks last longer as I don’t have to use as much when I’m adding other products to it.

Pour a glass of water and light a candle if you’re going to spend a little time with your routine. The more water the better for your skin, and a candle will help set a mood of relaxation.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and take some tips to elevate your beauty routine!

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