When you walk into a room, you’re met with a certain feeling. Most simply put, walking into a clean, bright, organized room feels way better than walking into a cluttered, disorganized room. This was something that interested my mom and led her to discover Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and practice of arranging your home to maximize the flow of energy and help support you to live your best life. It’s based on an ancient belief that your living space reflects your life. Feng Shui was something that my mom was very passionate about. If you knew her, you knew this! And she definitely passed that passion on to me.

One thing I love about it is that there really aren’t any “rules.” It is about energy and how your space makes you feel. For example, one book I have advises not to have the head of your bed against a window. However, there are tips and tricks to remedy the effects if that’s your best option for bed placement. Similarly, some books may advise certain colors in certain areas- yellow associated with health, red with love, etc. but if you have a gorgeous orange vase that you think goes well in the “love and romance” area of your home, then that’s what is best for you. It’s encouraged to follow your instincts. Feng Shui isn’t an interior design style. It’s going to look different for everyone.

According to Feng Shui, each area of your home corresponds to a different aspect of your life- finances, love and romance, career, family, etc. Following this belief, you may be inclined to throw away a dead plant that is placed in the career area and maybe arrange things in pairs in the love area- like two candles. Now this isn’t to say that suddenly everything in your life will magically be perfect. But it definitely gives you a good feeling and promotes positive thoughts and actions. And that will make a difference. (Which I actually do consider to be a little magical!)

Feng Shui has many layers to it and can get complex as you read deeper into it. If you’re interested in applying some of these beliefs to your home, I’d start with keeping the following things in mind.

-How a room makes you feel. Get rid of clutter! Keep things simple, light and airy. Also, consider how easy it is to walk around and sit in the room. You don’t want any barriers like having to step over things.

-Lighting is a huge factor. Natural light is the best! But also be mindful of the placement, style, and vibe of lamps.

-Plants, mirror, and wood are all excellent elements that increase the “good Feng Shui” in a room. Mirrors can be used to help deflect bad energy.

-The front entrance of your home is key. It’s where the energy flow begins. If you’re a home owner, consider painting your door a beautiful color. Be mindful of how your home is set up right when you walk in.

-Throw away dead plants and change dead light bulbs.

-Keep family photos everywhere except the bedroom! If you want your bedroom to be focused on rest and intimacy, keep that in mind while decorating.

-Your home should always be evolving. Just like you wouldn’t want your life to be stagnant, your home should reflect that. Even if it’s just small, positive changes every so often. It will make a difference.

-Consider if the “things” you’ve accumulated on shelves, etc. really represent you! Start with books. Donate the ones that don’t.

I have A LOT more I’d love to share on this topic (I already have a second post in the works!) but I thought that would be a great place to start! I hope you enjoyed reading!

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