Live Life As If….

everything was rigged in your favor. -Rumi

Every situation you are presented with is an opportunity. Even the tough ones, maybe even especially the tough ones.

Anxiety is an opportunity to add some more self love to your day. It’s an opportunity to make some positive changes. It’s only a “negative” feeling if it constantly holds you back. If you acknowledge there’s a reason why you feel anxious, and give it the attention and love it needs, you can continue on feeling more empowered than you had before.

Being mistreated is an opportunity to step into your power. It can show you your worth. (Hint: it’s a lot.) It can teach you what’s really good for your wellbeing and what’s not. And moving forward it’ll be easier for you to focus on shining.

Feeling uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. It can help guide you closer to your most authentic self and path. Growth and expansion are always on the other side of discomfort.

Having a tight budget is an opportunity to become a smarter shopper. It can be stressful but being more mindful of the quality and usefulness of things you buy will benefit you beyond the bank account.

Having a small apartment is an opportunity to get creative with decorating. Another thing that can cause stress, but a mantra I like to return to in challenging situations is, “Someone could take the same hand you were dealt, and win with it.” It helps me see that there is always way more than what immediately meets the eye.

Not really a “struggle” per se, but something that might cause you to complain: household chores. But it can be an opportunity to have easy little meditative moments in your daily life. Find a pretty laundry basket. Clean your closet out and only keep things you love. Take good care of them. When it’s time to fold them, take the time to simply just focus on that one task. Don’t roll your eyes! Peace is always a mindset change away.

Lastly, (my favorite lately) your baby not going to sleep can be an opportunity to have another special moment with them before they fall asleep. Even if you’re exhausted, maybe just reading a few more books will do the trick. You know you’re gonna miss them when they fall asleep anyways! This area of my life has taught me so much patience and I have found that sometimes things don’t go as planned at all, but there are special moments to be found anyways.

Even when it seems like things are tough and you can’t catch a break, you are really just being sent a ton of signals. All these signals are opportunities to awaken and be led to your best self!

On really hard days, don’t beat yourself up. Take care of yourself and then wake up the next day and keep your eyes open for opportunities to have a better day, and opportunities to make other’s days better too.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts!

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