Clean beauty is becoming more and more of a buzz word. (As it should be!) I don’t think it will be long before nontoxic makeup is a standard amongst woman just like eating organic foods is.

I begun my research when I was pregnant and I really fell in love with the process of finding the best replacements for all of my makeup. (And skincare too- but I don’t want to get off topic!) The U.S. has only 11 toxic ingredients banned from cosmetics, so it really does require research and experimentation to find quality nontoxic makeup. But I enjoy it and it’s definitely worth it!

It can feel a bit overwhelming when you look down at your makeup bag full of Nars, Chanel, and all the other wonderful products we love but don’t dare check the toxic stats on. If you’re new to the world of clean beauty, you may have the notion that nontoxic products aren’t as luxurious, or that they don’t work as well. However, that’s completely false and there are so many passionate women paving the way for clean beauty.

I wanted to share some of my top recommendations for nontoxic staples for your makeup bag.

Kosas Blush Duos and Kosas lipstick

RMS “Un Cover-up” Concealer And RMS Luminizer

French Girl Organics Lip Scrub

Henné Lip Balm

I’m still searching for a nontoxic mascara, bronzer, and a few little things, so there will be more posts like this to come!

Thanks for reading!

2 Replies to “Nontoxic Makeup”

  1. 💚🌿🌱 after I dropped the littles at school this morning, I made a cup of coffee and caught up on your wonderful posts! keep them coming beautiful, you’ve got a natural talent for this. I’m certain this is just the beginning for you 🌱🌿💚

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