Good Intentions

Time is arguably the most valuable thing we have. We all want more of it. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you might have a heightened appreciation for time. If you have a baby, you definitely look at a clock differently. Life is short, moments are fleeting and time seems to escape us all. Which brings me to a book that I could talk about for hours, The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up. The connection might be lost on you at first but keep an open mind.

In this book, Marie Kondo helps people change their lifestyles by starting at home. Room by room, they pull out all the things they own, put it in a pile, and intentionally choose the things they want to keep based on whether or not they are useful and joyful. While this exercise in itself is something that I am obsessed with, it’s really the word “intention” that I want to focus on. Just like people may keep a closet full of clothes they don’t wear, people also keep their calendar full of things that drain them, they keep commitments that leave them unfulfilled, they keep things on their mind that don’t serve them, etc.

Why not apply her practice to your whole life? What can you stop giving your energy and time to?

Living intentionally in all aspects has always appealed to me, and after becoming a mom, it honestly felt nonnegotiable. I wanted to make the most of my time, and put my energy towards being my best self. That meant letting go of all excess that might interfere with that. It’s okay to say no to some things, and set boundaries. (A difficult lesson for me to learn but once I got there it was empowering!) When you do that, you have more time for the things that bring you joy and inspire you. In the long run, your family and friends will even benefit from being around that kind of energy.

We’re already in the second week of April, so it’s a perfect time to start a little spring cleaning of your life. Take inventory of the things you spend your time doing, and free up some time for the things that light you up.

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