Making sustainable choices in all areas of your life can feel like a daunting task. The thought always creeps in- do I even make a difference? I still have a lot to work on to reduce the footprint I’m leaving on Earth. I participated in Bon Appetit’s plastic free weekend where I really was aware of all the plastic I used/trash I threw away. (And if you don’t think you make a difference, give that challenge an honest shot and come back to me.) It was intended to be a lesson- to show you where you’re being the most wasteful and hopefully opening your eyes to at least one or two small changes you can make. Water bottles and paper towels were the top two things I used a million of, so that’s what I’m currently trying to change. I find it so hard!

One area of my life where I find it pretty easy to be sustainable is my closet. I’ve always loved thrift shopping and finding unique, pre loved clothes. My first ever instagram picture was a thrift store find #ootd. With a little one, I haven’t quite had the time to go as it does require some patience to find good pieces. However, I still donate clothes or bring them consignment stores. There’s really no reason to ever throw clothes away unless they’re not wearable. Even then, you could tear them up and use as rags to wash your floors and such.

I’ve been trying to become a “smart shopper” and buy pieces that will last me a while. Buying less but buying better. Two companies I’m thrilled to buy from are The Real Real and Reformation. The Real Real is one of the top authentic luxury consignment stores. I recently found some cute, oversized Miu Miu sunglasses on their website for $60. Need I say anymore?! Secondhand purchases obviously save the planet SO much energy, and you save money, so it’s a win win. If you’re looking for something brand new though, Reformation is an incredibly sustainable fashion line. Their jeans are amazing. I have two pairs on repeat all the time. They always have helpful little tips like putting your jeans in the freezer for a day (which sounds weird but it can help them stay in good shape and kill bacteria, meaning you don’t have to wash them as much, and they last longer) or hanging your clothes outside to dry as opposed to using the dryer (which saves energy and looks chic.) I’ll share some of my favorite tips from them below.

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