Anxiety is an extremely common issue and most people I know have suffered from it to some degree. I’ve personally dealt with it for a large portion of my life. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of it over the past few years which has guided me towards making a lot of lifestyle changes. Everyone is different and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you, but I’m thankful I found these tips (especially when I was a new mom) and I wanted to share them for anyone who might benefit.

Natural Anxiety Remedies

1. “Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.” It’s so true. It sounds obvious, or easy, but when you’re wound up, feeling anxious or scattered, you may not even realize how off your breathing is. Tuning in and giving yourself that gift of deep breaths can make all the difference. Melissa Wood has a ten minute meditation available on YouTube that I use sometimes to just come back to myself.

2. Eating three square meals a day is key. Another one that seems simple but life often gets in the way. When you’re busy and/or anxious and haven’t planned meals ahead, you could be tempted to just skip it. I know for me, anxiety used to make me lose my appetite, but it makes a huge difference if you eat anyways. My advice would be to limit sugar as much as possible, and reach for healthy fats, nuts, leafy greens, water, chamomile tea, and any food rich in omega 3s (salmon, chia and flax seeds etc.) Diet has played a huge part in relieving my anxiety.

3. I read about a “grounding exercise” online a while ago that I incorporate in day to day life and it helps me a lot. Basically, you just tune into your senses. You could essentially pick any number but I usually do three. Just notice three things you see, smell, hear, feel and taste. So simple. I feel like it tricks your mind into a meditative state for a moment. If you carry an essential oil in your bag, or some kind of refreshing spray for your face (True Botanicals has an amazing one), you can have a little moment of self care during the “smell” part.

4. Making a manageable to do list helps me feel more in control, which combats anxiety. Key word being manageable. Same with journaling. Not everyone benefits from writing things down but I 100% do. Even if it’s just a bulleted list of things to keep in mind for the next day, staying organized helps me be my best self.

5. Limit time with electronics before bed. If you make your bedroom an oasis for mostly sleeping, I believe you’d get a better night of sleep, which of course is huge in aiding anxiety. Kind of an unpopular opinion, but I’ve never had a tv in my bedroom and it helps set that tone. Also putting your phone on airplane mode if you keep it on your nightstand will limit electronic activity. Ever since I started doing that, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Also, exercise of any kind, mantras you can repeat to yourself, CBD oil, ashwagandha…. the list goes on! I’d be happy to continue sharing if anyone finds these helpful! Anxiety can really disrupt your life, but it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and show yourself some love.

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