If you know me, or follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie. My tastes have transformed over the years and I now primarily shop non toxic and honestly, woman made when I can. I also love finding products in glass rather than plastic.

Recently, I’ve branched out from my go-to beauty stores, and have been lingering in the beauty aisle of Whole Foods. I guess I hadn’t given it much thought before because it’s a grocery store but I was actually impressed by their selection of products.

Not only do they have great quality non toxic skincare products, they have a ton of variety and affordable prices. (Which works well for me because I can’t really justify buying everything I drool over from Violet Grey. $$$! ) Cocokind is one of my favorite brands on their shelves. Nontoxic, woman made, and all products are under $25. And they really work.

Something that’s important to me is buying less but buying better. I’m a minimalist in my own way and I would never have a cabinet full of skincare and beauty products that I don’t use. That’s why I love doing my research and experimenting to find five star products and get the most out of them. Cocokind has a ton of what I would consider five star products.

I thought this would be a good time to share because I just found out Whole Foods is having a 25% off beauty sale next week. (And an extra 10% for prime users.) I already set aside a bag of a ton of products to try including brands like Cocokind, Mad Hippie and Juice Beauty. I’d be happy to post again with my favorites once I try them all out!

2 Replies to “Mindful Skincare Shopping”

  1. Looking forward to hearing what u think of the stuff you got! Whole Foods is my second home & I’ve never really gone through the beauty aisle. Now I’m thinking I should!

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