Through Rose Colored Glasses

My name is Tricia Ryan and I’m the proud mum of a one year old little girl. I’m a part time waitress in the suburbs, twenty minutes from Boston. I’m grateful for the flexibility the restaurant industry provides during this chapter of my life, but I’m also on a journey to pursue my passions.

Gratitude, mindfulness, self care and self expression have all essentially become my religion the past decade as I’ve navigated loss, grief, trauma, etc. (which is where rose colored glasses comes from.) Although I have always enjoyed sharing photographs online, it never occurred to me to share very personal experiences like those.

Enter: motherhood. One major way motherhood changed me was the opening up. While I was pregnant and especially after having Sienna, I opened up and connected to others in ways I never had. In addition to that, I found myself constantly being thankful for the communities of mothers I follow online. I follow a handful of incredible “mom bloggers” who share similar values and tastes as I do. It was another reminder of the importance of connection. To be inspired and to inspire.

Initially, I just wanted to write about skincare. It could seem like a shallow topic to some, but for me (and I’m sure many woman agree) it can be a very therapeutic self care practice. It’s an investment in yourself and your health. That’s when I realized my passion is deeper than just face rollers and non-toxic serums (though both are amazing, but more on that later.) More so, I’m passionate about taking care of yourself, and others. Sharing your experiences to help the next person, the next mother, and trying to see life through rose colored glasses.

If any of this resonates with you, share your feedback and follow along!

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